Signature Programs


In today’s fast-paced world, nurturing and providing space for creativity and imagination is more important than ever. Athenian's Art Program provides an avenue for all students to engage in artistic pursuits. Teachers aim to instill confidence in their student's abilities, and provide an outlet for exploration and expression. Artistic risk-taking is encouraged, and our teachers are equipped to support the growth of new and experienced artists, helping students develop their own unique voice.

Art in the Upper School

The arts are part of every student’s experience at Athenian. In the Upper School, students are required to take two years of art, including one yearlong UC-approved art course. Whether one chooses to explore the language of sound, movement, or shape and form, you will graduate Athenian with a foundation in creative-thinking, experimentation, and critique–skills that will serve you throughout your life whether or not you pursue art in college and beyond.

We offer an array of visual and performing arts classes (see sample course catalog for the full list of recent offerings). A few highlights include: band, choir, dance, drama, film, digital art, painting, and photography. Students will be introduced to all that a medium has to offer in the introductory class before moving on to in-depth personal work in the advanced courses.

Art in the Middle School

Like in the Upper School, art is part of every student’s experience. Rather than focusing on a specific form of art, our Middle School program focuses on exploring a variety of mediums, often connecting specific projects to the curriculum in social studies, science, and English. In addition to visual arts, our Middle School program includes band and chorus, as well as a variety of elective art offerings that vary from year-to-year.

All sixth graders take visual art and a music course, while seventh and eighth graders choose between music and visual arts. Theatrical performances are often integrated into English at each grade level and sometimes take place during Middle School Focus Days. The arts are a vital part of the Middle School experience.