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Upper School Application Process

Applying to Athenian

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about The Athenian School. Discover Athenian's approach to serious academics through our engaging and experiential teaching as well as some of our unique programs, including March Term and the Athenian Wilderness Experience (AWE).

Our admission process is designed to give us the opportunity to learn about you while you discover Athenian. We look beyond just the typical qualifications. Strong academic performance is important, and we seek students who embrace Athenian's philosophy and approach to education. The Admission Committee also looks for students who will add to the mix of experiences, talents, backgrounds, and perspectives that create a vibrant learning community.

The Admission Team is here to help you in the application process. Contact us here at any time.

Application Steps:

  1. Create an account in Ravenna by clicking here.
  2. Once in Ravenna, find Athenian in the School Directory and hit "apply." 
  3. Familiarize yourself with all application steps, required and optional, listed in Ravenna.
  4. Complete the Upper School Application Form in Ravenna and submit the $100 application fee. This form is the "preliminary application."(Please contact Athenian Admission for a fee waiver if the cost is a hardship for your family.)
  5. Register for fall and winter events in Ravenna.
  6. The full application is due in January (see steps outlined to the right). 

Additional Required Steps:

List of 9 items.

  • Visit Campus

    A Campus Visit is part of the application process and should be completed prior to the virtual interview. To register for a Campus Visit and other admission events, sign up or log in to Ravenna.

    *Contact the Admission Office if you are unable to come to campus or if you live out of state or out of the country to schedule a virtual campus visit.
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms

    Each student must have two (2) teachers complete these forms. 
    • Be sure to include each teacher's email address so that the forms can be sent to them.
    • At least one recommendation must be from a Math teacher, and one from an English teacher. 
    Please log in to Ravenna to enter the names of the teachers and their email addresses. 
  • Transcript Request

    This form must be completed and submitted to the student's current school to authorize the release of documents.

    The Athenian School requires a transcript of grades or report card for the current 2023-2024 school year and a final transcript of grades or report card for the 2022-2023 and 2021-2022 school year. Schools can submit transcripts electronically or in hard copy.

    IMPORTANT: In order to avoid duplicating your school registrar’s efforts, registrars are instructed that records not be sent until first trimester or second quarter or first semester grades are completed. If your school term ends after the application deadline, they will send 2023-2024 grades as soon as possible after the second quarter or semester has ended.

    INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY: Transcripts must be officially translated into English.
  • Writing Exercise

    This will take place online supported by Test Innovators. To register, click here to select a date and register. Please register for only one date. There is a $50 fee for the online writing exercise. Contact Athenian Admission for a fee waiver if the cost is a hardship for your family.

    More information about the goals of the writing exercise can be found in Ravenna.

    *Not required for International applicants who have taken the TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or completed a Vericant Interview.

  • Student & Family Interview

    This provides an opportunity to learn more about the student’s interests, educational experiences, and what about The Athenian School appeals to them. It also provides the student an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Athenian's programs. Interviews will be held online and should be scheduled for after the student visit. 

    To schedule an interview use the Register for an event link  in Ravenna. Please register for only one (1) interview. A confirmation will be sent by help@ravennasolutions.com to the email address used to create the account in Ravenna and include the Zoom link.

    Please note: This event is for the student and parent/guardian(s). Please select a quiet location away from any distractions or interruptions to complete the interview.
  • Student Supplement

    The Student Statement & Student Activity and Interest Form are common forms which provide another opportunity for the Admission Committee to learn more about the student’s interests and activities, educational experience, and interest in The Athenian School. Please complete this information in Ravenna.

    Note: If you are applying to other Independent Schools, the responses to these forms will also be sent to those schools utilizing this option.
  • Principal/Counselor Recommendation (optional)

    If the principal or counselor does not receive an email containing the secure link to the recommendation form, please contact the Admission Office at admission@szyz88.net or 925-362-7223. We will assist in providing the recommendation form to the principal or counselor.
  • International Students ONLY

    You are required to submit results of a test of English (TOEFL,
    TOEFL Jr, TOEFL@Home, Duolingo or IELTS). Contact the Admission Office if a test of English is not available.

    Athenian School Code for TOEFL: 9155

    SAO Application:
    Please note if using the SAO application, Athenian requires the supplemental forms included in the SAO.

    International Student Interviews (required): This step happens after the application forms are completed. For applicant from China, please see  the note below.

    Note: Applicants from China:
    Due to the high volume of applicants from China, Athenian is not able to interview all applicants, regardless of citizenship or current country of residence. Applicants who live in China and are applying to grades 9, 10, or 11, please contact Vericant to complete a preliminary interview in China (by January). Before contacting Vericant, stat an application to Athenian in Ravenna. Athenian will also contact a small group of final candidates for formal interviews after reviewing all applications.

  • Standardized Testing (not required or accepted)

    Athenian does not require an entrance examination for students applying for fall entry (day or domestic students). Please do not submit any standardized testing scores as they will not be reviewed nor considered by the Admission Committee. If you are an international student, we do require some testing. See section on international students above.